We offer companies assistance in development and implementation of environmental management systems based on

  • ISO 14001
  • EMAS

This offer also applies to maintenance and update of existing environmental management systems.


  • performance of environmental audits and survey of the current status
  • input and output analyses and balances
  • concept design on all enterprise levels
  • implementation of an understandable environmental management system
  • implementation of integrated management systems
  • documentation of environmental policy and workflows
  • environmental controlling to decrease environmental relevant costs
  • support in investigation of laws and ordinances
  • training in environmental management
  • support in composing the environmental statement (EMAS)
  • execution of environmental audits and assessments
  • certification and certification support

Your company will be coached only by employees with practical experience and with an accreditation of the RKW-Thuringia and Saxony according to Eco-Audit Act.