3D Inspector
3D Inspector

assembly of small components, soldering, inspection of printed circuit boards, solder joints etc., visual documentation for quality management, dental processing in dental labs

Assembling and soldering of small components and inspection of printed circuit boards, solder joints or micro parts is determined by “3D Inspector“much easier. Two color cameras project the object scene three-dimensional and 6-times enlarged on the monitor. The polarizing glasses allows the 3D view and ensures a reliable depth information. The user has a free workspace and nearly the same distance between object and monitor.

Features of our 3D work station:

  • 3D live view
  • Replaced microscope (eyepiece) or magnifying glass lamp
  • Free workspace
  • Free field of view to the object
  • Central arrangement of camera and monitor allows a healthy and ergonomic working position
  • Very little difference in distance between object and monitor
  • Can be combined with suction device
  • 6x magnification
  • object field 7,0 x 5,3 cm
product sheet: 
(PDF, 328 KB)