QI Backlight
QI Backlight

Machine Vision, image processing, test of dimensions; contour testin (form control), optical inspection

All backlights of the Quick-Image-Family are designed for industrial operations with continuous light and flash mode. In combination with a red filter at the camera against distracting reflections a very good sharpness of images will be achieve. LEDs are arranged for a homogeneous luminance distribution and have a top level wavelength of 645 nm. An optimal temperature evacuation is guaranteed by an aluminium housing and aluminium circuit board.

possible sizes (light surface in mm):

  •   25 x 17
  •   25 x 25
  •   50 x 50
  •   63 x 60
  •   83 x 75
  • 100 x 100
  • 180 x 150
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