QI Engine

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high-class industrial PC with robust casing
The ’Quick Image Engine’ is a heavy duty PC for industrial image processing and controlling. Several free card slots make it to a flexible system. The configuration, expansion cards and the monitor are supplied related to customers wishes. The basic equipment are the following components included a 19 inch TFT display.

list of components:

  • operating system: MS-Windows XP Professional, multilingual
  • HDD: S-ATA 500GB
  • CPU: Intel Core2Duo 2,6 GHz
  • RAM: 2 x 1024 MB Infineon/Kingstone
  • interfaces: 4*COM, 1*LPT, 4*USB2.0, 1*LAN, Audio
  • Board: Gigabyte, 2*UDMA133, 4 *SATA, 1*AGP, 5*PCI
  • drives: 3,5 Zoll TEAC, Multi DVD-burner 16x
  • graphic: 7200 GS, 256 MB
  • periphery: keyboard Cherry ger. /engl., mouse MS-Intelli, optical
  • Power supply: TAGAN 480W, autorange
  • housing: industrial housing 19“/4HE
product sheet: 
(PDF, 348 KB)