Ql PipeScan
QI PipeScan

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surface test device for pipes

The surface test device ’Quick Image PipeScan’ is used for pipe control during the production process. The system is avaliable in the 2 diameter ranges 9-32 mm and 40-110 mm. At the passing of the test bridge the extruded pipe is scanned all over by three CCD cameras and checked relativ to surface imperfections as dents, bubbles, cracks, color errors and so on. You can set the fault tolerance value up to 0,05 mm². Simultaneously the current pipe diameter is being continuous measured. Detected errors are signaled with optical and acoustical alarms. The image evaluation and system control are running on an industrial PC. For parameter settings, operating, visualisation and evaluation of test results you can use the software PipeScan 1.1. The advantage of this test device is the working speed of 36 m/min currently. Higher working speeds are tried out successfully.

product sheet: 
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