Our Business activities focus on mission oriented research, mission oriented development and consulting services.

industrial image processing

  • customised solutions for image processing
  • automation of visual inspection processes
  • one, two and three dimensional geometry measurements
  • setup and application of image processing systems with ccd line and ccd matrix cameras for grey and color image processing
  • feasibility studies, neutral consultation and measurement of sample parts
  • design of printed circuit boards
  • development of hardware components and sensor interfaces
  • measuring and inspection software

system integration

  • optical 2D- and 3D image processing for manufacturing and production
  • customized software solutions with high-quality Keyence hardware
  • process and quality control
  • on hand development and hardware components
  • integration into existing systems or stand-alone-solution
  • short response time from start to finish
  • customizied graphic user interface

statistical techniques of quality assurance

  • spc - statistical process control
  • quality control chart technique
  • random sampling systems
  • cost optimal statistical procedures
  • reliability testing
  • DoE - design of experiments

computer aided quality assurance

  • benchmarking and selection of CAQ-Systems
  • linkage of CAQ with CAD and PPS
  • computer aided testing and management of measurement equipment
  • development of automated measuring systems for quality assurance
  • software development for quality assurance

range of services offered

consulting, workshops and employee training in the field of quality assurance, image processing and production measurement technology

applied research and development of customised inspection devices

offering DGQ (German Society for Quality) courses for obtaining internationally recognised DGQ certificates