Steinbeis Network

The Steinbeis Transfer Center Qualitätssicherung und Bildverarbeitung (STZ) is a part of the Steinbeis Network headed by the Steinbeis Foundation situated in Stuttgart. The Steinbeis was established in 1971.It is named after Ferdinand von Steinbeis who forwarded modern industry, economy and trading in Baden-Wuerttemberg in the nineteenth century. The Steinbeis Foundation comprises a Board of Directors, a Board of Trustees and a Committee. Steinbeis GmbH & Co for Technology Transfer is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Steinbeis Foundation and is responsible for all business activities. The Steinbeis Transfer Network currently owns over 600 Steinbeis-Companies, subsidiaries and equity holdings in companies. It also has cooperation agreements and project partners in 50 countries. Specializing in expert disciplines, Steinbeis Transfer Centers work in all fields of technology and management. Most are based in research establishments, universities, universities of applied sciences and universities of cooperative education. Additional data is available from